i wish – part four

Part four of a writing challenge I set myself.

I decided to write a list of things I wish for without stopping. I kept it flowing for around 10 minutes and here is the end result after some grammar checks.

The Train by Eli Oko

How many take their last journey unknowingly. How many people are left to live knowing that?

Another old poem form 2014.

Our Kind Of Perfect

Spoken Word Poetry. Beat from Vangelis Music. Please subscribe and show support by commenting on the video or below x

Legacy by Eli Oko

It’s not about love but it is and although it’s not about death, it is. But it’s a little positive… and hopefully a little inspiring. It’s about growing through the feeling of feeling nothing so that one day you can leave behind something.


“I will not stop until I have dripped words on every moving topic that forces me to stand still.” – eli oko