RENxELI – Revealing The Surprise & The Emergency

So what exactly happened in the last vlog? What were we not telling you? and what did I want to surprise REN with? Well, well, well… wait no longer (unless you binge-watched the RENxELI Channel in advance and now you just want to see some behind-the-scenes footage) the wait is over.

SPOILER ALERT… The images at the bottom of this page (Below the links) give away the Emergency. So don’t scroll too fast! And viewers’ discretion the bonus pictures below contain a bit of blood 😳.


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The evening rolled into the following morning and so I should probably give a little more information here before you view these photos. The glass was what she cut herself on, it was on a shelf lower than eyesight and as she was cleaning the shelf she sliced her finger against it. It was a piece of glass broken off from a fishbowl plant holder she has visible in the background. I threw it out before I left her to go home don’t worry!

Her fingers on the hand were super swollen and she couldn’t straighten the finger… AT ALL. It would painfully bend back down – tendon severed. The hospital we initially went to sent us on a literal adventure from one borough to the next before the nurse inspection concluded surgery would most definitely be required. We were then referred to The Royal London Hospital where they cut further into the tendon to clean the wound, rinsed it, and then plastered it for the few hours that remained before the surgery that very same morning. It was a successful surgery and the healing process since has been painful but promising. It will be months before she can use the finger again after physiotherapy is over and when that starts I am sure it will come with its own challenges but my Mum is the strongest person I know and so intrepid she remains as she keeps going! I also got to sign her cast before it came off 😊💪🏾 I had to be quick and the pen options were rubbish so only managed to write “I 💙 U” but it’s the thought that counts… right?

Until then… enjoy some bonus photos. Again, viewers’ discretion as the bonus pictures below contain a bit of blood.

Any Thoughts?

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