Lucid Thoughts

“Just a few lucid thoughts. Your normal kind of Friday.”

“Perhaps I should take a note from your book and get more sleep. Perhaps O I should stop reading your book. Tell me why anyone would ever put you down.”

“I’ll be honest. I’m just sitting here. Waiting to hear more of your thoughts.”

“How do you know how to capture me. Not just my ears or my tears but all of me. Every time.”

“Sometimes I hate poetry. The way it feeds on your mind at random times. Some are out with people they love. I’m stuck indoors writing about them.”

“You make me crazy. Like many poems on one page. Not knowing where it starts. Not knowing where it ends.”

“No one deserves your everything. That’s what I was told. But then I found someone… and they do.”

“I’d block you. But that wouldn’t stop you running free in my mind amyways.”

“How did you make me stop writing and read?”

“If your eyes are good enough to read this. Your heart must be big too. Because you cared enough to figure it out.”

“And the funny thing is I have no one in mind. I’m just writing words. You’ll find all above in your nearest dictionary. I promise.”

Any Thoughts?

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