about a guy… by Eli Oko

You could write a thousand letters
String them all together and hang them around your neck
Never would you create something as precious.
Let the L and O and V and E
Fall to your feet
Because you have not captured them completely
Yes, you could take the most dearest words
And lay them besides eachother
Wrap them in a duvet of care
Turn on the night light
Removing all shadows that may cause nightmares
Still you have not recreated this dream
I am telling you.
You may as well set your alarm to wake you
Because nothing would be as good as this
Trust me, you could inscribe a whole poem onto stone
Carve emotions onto what may look like eternity
But I warn you, there would be no foundation as solid as this one
No foundation cement enough to build what this is again.
You may as well recycle your blueprint because there is nothing like these originals
I promise you, because this is from experience
I am telling you.
You may snap your fingers and have a whole book
But there would be no title fitting
There would be no numbers to order them
There would be no spine thick enough to hold this
This that I had and lost
This that makes me cry tears of joy while feeling sad
This that I at times miss
This that I at times have to remind myself I no longer have
This that confuses me
This that brings me light
This, that I am not too ashamed to share with you
Because you all know how I feel and never did I lie
Never did I say that my feelings had faded let alone died
And the L and O and V and E at my feet, won’t change it
I’m still thankful that I had the opportunity to once claim it
This, I look back on with the deepest affection
I should mention,
No, no this is not everything that is on my mind
I have a list, and this is quite high
And yes, yes this is about a guy…

to be continued (i think)

Any Thoughts?

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