RENxELI – The Unexpected Surprise & Emergency

We woke up bright-eyed and almost ready to begin what should have been a structured and productive day. We had a business meeting in the morning, an appointment in London for midday and then an expectedly easy-breezy evening before returning to the beautiful countryside we call HOME. However, as always, things didn’t quite go to plan…

It turned into a 3 part dramatic vlog series and as promised I’ll give you some sneaky behind-the-scenes of that adventure as it unravels.

First up, after the meeting got cancelled we did a video update for our business It is still a work in progress as we iron out finer details – however, here are some fun little gems from the video I thought would be fun to share.

Now on to Vlog #1, I showed REN where I have been getting the infamous curry chips in Stratford since I was about 9. More entertainingly, we discussed some weird quirks about the things we enjoy at the Dentist and Opticians.


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