I woke up this morning…

Can we talk about opportunities…

I thank God everyday for the opportunity to say, I’m happy.

Happiness is born when you accept change and embrace the rays of today.

Living in the moment I become grateful for the opportunity to smile, because I’ve never felt free to love.

Now I love deeply all those around me and with even just a smile, I hold so much in my heart for them.

They – who look for opportunities.

I wish to never say “no” to anything that comes my way. If he maps out my theocratic path who am I to say “I can’t accept this opportunity?”.

The constant feeling of achieving everyday is something new to me. I do not wear futility on my wrist anymore and expect my hand to be guided. I wear many shoes daily and feel the active force behind it.

An opportunity should not be missed because the beautiful truth is this…

Everyday, is an opportunity.

Any Thoughts?

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