I ask Him… by Eli Oko

I need something concrete
Something with a firm foundation
In which I can lay my belongings
My confidence, my trust and my hopes
All neatly folded in white plastic bags
Double knotted
I need something that not one human I know can give
Someone to be here today and tomorrow
To stay when they have the chance
And to make the chances even when they do not
Someone who says “pour out your heart” and waits to catch each drop
Cares to hear
Takes me seriously
I need someone that can become something
I know only one who becomes all things
I ask Him
Please, show me how to not hurt so badly
Show me how to find true happiness
Show me what hopes are made of
Show me where you keep those dear to you
Show me when I see only darkness surrounding me
Show me why you keep calling me to your light
I ask Him
Knowing the answer will unexpectedly appear when I least expect it
Because with Him
Everything is possible
I know that
And so when I think about all that I need
I get tired and weighed down
And I realise….
All I really need is one thing… one someone.
I then close my eyes and let my heart speak
Apologising for the sinful hands I clasp together
I ask Him.

Any Thoughts?

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