Oceans by Eli Oko [Petit Biscuit – Oceans]

They were like an ocean of hands, oceans

Waving to the sound of their souls

Together and alone

They were the crashing sounds

The familiar race of creation

And as it met the shore line

We heard the applause

The claps of celebration

We were amazed at how they became, united with the expressions

The joy, the sadness, the hope

They carried it all in their palms

I watched as the oceans gave life to them

They are infinite

Joint to the shores and the skies

So are their palms, extended to the heavens

Now thick with the expressions

That would by no doubt fade and retreat

Like waves

Like waves

They are like an ocean of hands, oceans

And I still listen to their dance

Safely stored in sea shells.

Like waves

Like waves

Like Oceans.


Written by Eli Oko inspired by Petit Biscuit – Oceans

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