Untitled by Eli Oko

Untitled is my title

So sadly, I became.


I thought

I could write you

Tie you down

Words from my thoughts

Slightly found

The pain left me idle

Yh I thought

It was not imaginary

Just imagine when we

Find the others buried

Under years of hope

You can’t save them

Years of tears

You can’t tame them

Years to wait

It all changed them

The care it takes

To stay vacant

Can’t pretend It won’t phase them

Being phased out

Out the way became nameless

Staying sane pays less

So they were less payed

In the back  

Back to where the rest stayed

Decaying, in the shade

She’ll make a beautiful brides-maid

Because the best is all untitled.


I’ll take it

Give, is all I do

Give me what I’m entitled to

To the woman stood behind you

And the man who who told her “I do”

Let them write their names in stone

Who knows, you could be the hope for those besides you.

For me love will never be the same

See I was ready on the day

But vows he can’t exchange

He just didn’t feel that way

He says. He woke up in the morn and I felt everything fade.


And so untitled is my title

So sadly, I became

The bride who is untitled

Because although I paid the price

I didn’t get his name.




Any Thoughts?

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