The Longest White Gown by Eli Oko

I see noises, imagine voices but I can’t hear a sound

Just the startling appearance of a lady

In the longest white gown

Like a distant love, that was lost never found

In these four white walls, in an even more lonely town

Fast pass the clouds as they disappear

Swift are the birds who approach the sky with no fear

Endless seem their limits and deep their depth

As we live and we learn, then we die, no regrets.

I solemnly declare, as I stare into space

For a better way of living, a beginning I crave

Two hands clasped together, on my knees so I pray

For there is nothing left to do when you have fallen this way

Doors locked and windows, but yet open are hearts

I stare at my reflection for as long as it lasts

Like the strings and the keys and the drums

but they are the memories I try to remember but can’t.

The longest white gown

My hair plaited back

Bed neatly made, and I leave it like that

One soulful chair that reminds me of home

That warm gentle breeze can not keep me unknown

I am that strong female who stood until her time to fall

I shielded and blocked, took a blow for them all

The life that I live is not mine, but it fits

With the coldness of these walls and the words on my lips.

Just a tale I will inscribe for no one to see

Just a tale that I will tell for no one to believe

I am the expired life just waiting to drift

Pass the thick sky clouds in this morning mist

I will see noises, imagine voices but I can’t hear a sound

Please, remember the lady

In the longest white gown.

Any Thoughts?

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