wear pink by Eli Oko

I used to be scared of the color pink

I hated the way it would define me

I felt it, making me be someone I never consented to become

I remember the first time I wore pink

The tears in eyes

The picture perfect moments

The firsts and all the joys that came with them

I remember saying to myself, “I will never fear pink again”

I welcomed the fear of the unknown because for once I was able to let things unfold

Sometimes we are just pushed into a feeling of pink

An easy reaction would be to reject it

As if we are immune to its effect

But truth is as foreign as it may seem

We were made to wear pink

It’s an option, everyday

But one we happily make

Because once you do, it’s like saying

“Hello” to the unknown

And if you are saying you will not let this unfold

If you are planning on rejecting pink

Then just know that fear comes in many different shades

Pink showed me the way

But reject this fear

Then it will possess other colors to prove it’s there

I don’t know how to say this

I’m still wearing pink myself

I just hope you understand.

It’s easier to say you can’t

Than to fight through and prove you can.

wear pink.

Any Thoughts?

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