The Starred, Blocked & Archived!

I am excited to share that my second book is now available on Amazon! Please support if you can. It is the 2nd book in the #TextsArePoetry series. A collection of poetry based on my personal text messages. There are poems I wrote specifically for the book and others I have even shared on here but most are revamped and some of the poems took a complete different form. This poem for example, “appreciation deep” was shared on here years ago but has transitioned into what you read today. Sometimes poetry is like fine wine, it takes time to ferment… but when it does, it is magical.

appreciation deep

A phrase I have to make
To express just how I feel
It seems language can’t suffice
For something so surreal
Voices that I hear
Of faces that I’ve known
Appreciation deep
My heart begins to glow
Parcels I have sent
With thank you’s made of ink
An easy thing to say
Has been harder than you think
Your messages to me
I have kept them all so dear
A gps to guide me
When the way seems so unclear
This phrase I have created
The best way to have it put
Appreciation deep
For the hands that hold my books.

Any Thoughts?

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