The Train by Eli Oko

I will miss the eyes that stare at me

The ones telling me; “tell me to stay”

You watched the hands that had always protected you

Become the ones pushing you away

As a tear falls to your cheek

But not a second further go,

A gentle touch, to clear that beautiful face

And your sadness starts to show

But as the train approaches and the sky goes dim

You reached for my heart, and that is the only thing

Your love was my shelter

My guard to keep me safe

And now I am tearing apart as we slowly separate

They were the steps you needed to make

But it’s the words you never said

That run across the fields that reside inside my head

The last look was the hardest, It’s the one that leaves me broken.

Please mind the gap,

Doors Closing!



You are just a little too far gone now and the tracks demand more speed

You left everything you wanted to try and find the things you need

Just a station away, my love

And you were crawling on your knees

The smoke began to choke you and the glass began to cut

My heart was in your palms, slipping, but that wasn’t quite enough

If only you hadn’t boarded this train, my love

I am sorry I let you leave, we just couldn’t see ahead

I wished for you to grow

I wished for you the best

You are only living in my dreams now, and my thumb still holds your tear

I hold you even closer, still believeing that you’re near

See your life and my heart was taken that day, my love

The day we didn’t know

I boarded my only daughter

On the train the bombers chose.

Any Thoughts?

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