We’re Even by Eli Oko


Would you like me to mince my words?
When I am talking
Bow my head whilst I am walking
The type to not fight it
Have a tongue of fire but bite it
Would you like me to be the silent child
Better seen than heard
Or the powerful woman who still don’t know the strength of her words
So silence she chooses
Would you like me to have less goals so that your time feels lucid?
Years have passed and she’s still with us
I guess I’ll just collect time then loose it
Or shall I inspire you
to take that trip
Change that job
Find that you
You always dreamed of
I’m sorry did you want me to mince my words?
Despite seasoned with salt
Do you find it hard to swallow
As you mellow in your unhappiness
Did you expect me to stand here and set you free
Do your job for you make you wish to be me?
Sweet child, beautiful woman, handsome man
You are all that you need to be
I saw your faces when I asked
Shall I mince my words?
You expected me to stand here and shout things to make you hurt
I saw your heart beat when I said “beautiful you”
You don’t believe that it’s true
I saw your history
The grey edges and ‘swept under carpet’ emotions
I too had to learn to accept compliments coming from as far as I can throw them
I am a throw away and I see your shame
If I were a mirror you would look away
Hey you,
Yes you,
Please stay.
Stay within you today
Because tomorrow is going to be just great
And you thought I was going to not be straight
See mincing my words
Means I can’t say the things I need to say
And me not mincing my words would never change their fate
They are just words
It’s how you perceive them
But me asking, finally now you have a reason
to decide
Whether you will keep or delete them
I am speaking to the confidence and happiness in you
And asking to greet them
I see you and I’m not worse, and I’m no better
We’re even.
I’m just as hurt
I’m just as battered
We’re even.


Any Thoughts?

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