an uproot of hope

My time is ticking. As if an expiry date is printed on my being.
I have been forced to face and actually see it, that everything I thought I wanted
Was nothing close to what I needed
I stare at this flower that has bloomed through my youth
The sun blessed it with life and the waters caressed it with hope
The petals coloured by God, the scent like a lingering tune
How melodic, how memorable
This beautiful flower with many names, with many expectations
With everything in its roots, became drenched in something foreign
And now there is only one thing to do
Underground something profound was taking place
A battle was occurring
A fight to co-exist or displace
If only you knew the stories its stem held
The truth it knows, but never shares
Maybe then you’d know to nurture it, to handle it with care
Maybe then you would know the value of what this flower was meant to produce
You’d honour its truth, you would help it bloom
And only with time, is the chaos really shown
Does the conqueror take its throne, and take possession of all as its own
Only with human hands will the petals be picked
She is not, she is, she is not, she is
Even when withered and lifeless these petals would hold true
Its loyalty in tact, Its allegiance unmoved
But the honest fact is that, we see this wrinkled flower
Hanging its crown low
And up and away with the petals we go
One by one we tear apart its every hope
I watch as my flower loses colour and scent
I watch as its confidence is blown
I can not help but wonder if the battle is over below
If the foreign something has won, how would I truly know
If not to wait and pray for the ticking time to transcend
To then see if there lay my final end
Because this flower will not provide pollen or life to anything else
It could not even survive and preserve itself
And it’ll be pulled by the stem
The guarder of its shrine
And the roots will look fine but within it’s surely dying
This void will be left
This world will know that something is missing
That her time was surely up, they witnessed the ticking
What a sad little story, of a flower that bloomed just to die
And in this very void, in this very hole you will find
That another childless woman so quietly resides.

“It must be possible to conduct research to establish the correct hysterectomy rate for a given population, which would provide a measure against which the performance of gynecologists can be assessed, exposing those who over-use or under-use this operation. The design and execution of such research is likely very challenging, or else it would long have been done. While it is awaited, simple guidelines would go a long way towards ensuring that women are offered this operation only when they need it, and are not denied it when it could significantly improve their quality of life. Such guidelines could include issues such as the alternative therapies that should be offered before hysterectomy, the duration of such alternative therapies, and the involvement of women in decision-making when hysterectomy is considered. The latter would not only empower women in deciding upon an operation that impacts on the very core of womanhood, but research has shown that where women are involved in such decision-making, then satisfaction rates following the intervention are high.” – Neela Mukhopadhaya 

I’d just like to bring awareness to the thought that Gynecologists worldwide should be concerned about hysterectomy rates, and looking for growth in research to protect the future hopes that are uprooted with every operation performed.

Any Thoughts?

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