Too Great by Eli Oko

I tried to hold you in my lines, forever

But I am beginning to hate lines that leak weak

Lines that spur up past and drown out the future

See, you were my future, until your lips echoed peer pressured words

See, they all have in tact their act

But you, yours was left way back

Covered in lies

“I’m nearly home”

You disguised home

You made home the one place feared

Because you were no where near

See I tried to hold myself for you, forever

Knowing it was just a little too soon,

Or was it a little too late

We were a little too awesome

Is it possible to be just a little too great?

I tried.

And failed, miserably, miserable, terribly, terrible

I’m sorry.

Because now I hate the sound of the keys that type your aroma

That familiar scent that now brings curdles to the warm porridge we ate in cold mornings as kids

You make history look rigged

With our kisses and wishes

Table cloths and china dishes

Is this all that there is

A folder holding moments I miss

Truth is

I know you have not read the lines I wrote

Hoping to never feel the pain you have evoked

I bet you bury your head onto cold pillows at night

Feeling quite alright

Because you’ll never know if ‘Oceans’ were my tears

‘Legacy’ was 3 months till a year

A ‘white flag’ meant I gave up

Or whether ‘home’ with you was ever enough

See I know you’ll never read a line

Which is fine,

I tried.

I tried to hold us both.

Any Thoughts?

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