It Was Perfect by Eli Oko

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I let him go because he was the comfort of my heart. He kept me together when everything was falling apart. He saw the tears I was yet to cry and begged me not to crawl towards it. I saw multiple pathways but never the destination. He asked me if I was sure. I was never sure, but a leap of faith and a heap of hope told me take it slow, because slow means real. He said tell me how you feel. It never sounded like questions, they were statements and as they dripped from his lips I would often try to catch them and miss because I always knew I never quite deserved his comfort. Fast forward to the end of the tunnel where he no longer asks me a thing, I came crawling back as always and he stopped the bright light from blinding me. I missed his dripping words. But that is nothing new. But this time I can not continue where we left off, this time I can not hold his sweet drops like honey in the floor mats of my car. Things have changed and I do not want to lose what we had to a new friendship we will make. So I let him go. With the wish he will never return because we are never meant to be. Cam23 so you know this is me. I loved him with the parts I gave to no one and he comforted me. No relationship could beat this friendship and no time would be enough. So I have let him go because he was the comfort of my heart. And I no longer deserve it. 

Sorry, and thank you. It was perfect.


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