How to contact Eli Oko:

Soundcloud: ItsEliOko
Twitter: @ItsEliOko
Instagram: @ItsEliOko
LinkedIn: N.Elizabeth Okonkwo
Snapchat: @ItsEliOko
Tumblr: @VoiceTheSilence
Pinterest: ItsEliOko


2018 Published Poems:

Vacation (Bloom – R.J Hendrickson Poem Compilation from 70 worldwide poets)

Need a poem/performance for a corporate event, advertisement, wedding, film, documentary, album or a book?

Published Poems with Forward Poetry:

In Marriage (Poetry Rivals 2016 Top 100 Finalist – Ngozi Okonkwo)

Undone (A Road to Success Anthology 2016)

Poetic (Great British Write Off 2016)

Late Submission (The Life & Times Anthology 2016)

Old Poems published in the following anthologies:

2013-2015 (I submitted many and was successful but never bought the books so can’t even remember)

Poetry Rivals 2011 – Amongst the Stars (Expectations)

Poetry Rivals 2011 – Eternal Thoughts (Wisdom Wrinkles)

Life’s Simple Pleasures 2011 – Mum’s The Word (A Daughters Gratitude for Life)

One In A Million – Under 18’s (My One In A Million)

A Palette of Words – Forever Young 2010 (Wisdom Wrinkles)

Short Stories / Books in Progress:

Unwonted: Read Online (Short Story)
Works From A White Room Volume II #BehindThePixels : Coming 2022
Chapter Four: Coming Late 2021
Works From A White Room Volume III (Info Coming Soon)