3-03-18 by Eli Oko

There was no moon
But the sky was full
It had white words
It comforted me
With a beautiful peace
I searched for your presence
I searched each corner
And I felt your eyes follow me
My heart became sad
In fear you were not near
But then I saw flashbacks
I have never done a perfect job
But you taught me a perfect lesson
And I sat hearing personal words
As I grew closer to you
You spoke to me
You joked with me
You directed my heart
And I found joy
Knowing my efforts we bringing me blessings
Two smiles
These two hearts connected to mine
Here because they hear you too
And I was reminded these faces all need the same one thing
So you may have not been found in our sky
But you never left us
In the warmth of each other we found you
And For any who searched properly
They would of found your comfort above
Engraved in the night sky
It says I love you with white words
Pure and true
So much to be thankful for
This wasn’t just another year
This was a commemoration of growth
Of deep and intense connection
Of a sacrifice that will change everything
Soon I believe you will fill the sky with more words
I was sure I saw a dove in the evening clouds with sun rays
Perhaps you were teaching me then
The sky is a beautiful mystery
It is a window to the heavens
And a gift to us.

Any Thoughts?

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