Take Me Too by Eli Oko

If it is wrong to stand on feet of hope
With toes caressed by grains of promises
Then take me too
Take me wherever you take those stronger than you
Those living the nightmare and fight
Those who have lost their rights
Those who have entered the battle
Armour-less physically but spiritually guarded
Each part as if dipped in holy waters
Sacred and immortal
Tell them “I support you”
I stand with them
Tell them in spirit I am alongside them
Tell them I have prayed with tears dripping into every mouthful of words echoed from the heart
Tell them I have seen the pain in their eyes and the cracks in their voices
Tell them I see the strength in their weakness
Tell them I know it is from a source beyond their means
And tell them that He heard their screams
Tell them, otherwise take me too and let me tell them myself
Let me hold them in my arms and spread the comfort I know to give
Let me remind them that He will dry their tears, correct their doubts and hear their prayers
Please continue to endure
They are inspirations, examples of fortitude
I see their loyal love
Their unfaltering faith
I see their Courage
This is the year for it and I see it
If it is wrong, If they as a people stand wrong
Then take me too
Because I am a witness of power,
A witness of might
A witness of true supremacy
His people are being pressed down, like tanks have rolled across their chests
But they will not be flattened, they will not be crushed
We will not be silenced
And as I read about how you snatch them from their peace
As I hear how you interrogate them and pull them from their security
As I imagine how you cold heartedly hold them, hostage to your evilness
I can not help but wish that you would notice they are not alone
I can not wait to see when you do
And eventually Take Me Too.

Any Thoughts?

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