SAMSUNG: Foldable Phone & One UI SDC 2018 Full Keynote

What was revealed at the Samsung Developer Conference 2018 Opening Keynote?

What exciting news do we have to look forward to in the coming tech of the future and what expectations should we have for the unpacked Samsung Folding Phone?

The answers to these questions plus many more are revealed in the following notes from the conference. I jotted down some key points alongside some of my favourite new developments. I will be updating this article as more information is released.

Most recent update: November 8th 2018

Here is what you didn’t want to miss from the key speakers. Please note these notes were not taken word for word but rather as my own personal summary from each mentioned speaker. I wanted to give you all an all-round experience as each exciting development was unpacked.

DJ KOH – SDC 2018

DJ Koh

Samsung has been at the forefront of the innovation of a new era. In the past year we built the world’s most comprehensive platforms. The AI tech we are collaboratively engineering is re-identifying automation. We reveal to you the world’s first residential 5G service. Our work is just beginning, the pieces are in place, an intelligence that learns and adapts is on the way. Let’s turn the ‘now’ into ‘next’!

Eui-Suk Chung - SDC 2018
Eui-Suk Chung – SDC 2018

Eui-Suk Chung

We are creating the future and creating new opportunities to bring innovations and ideas to millions worldwide. We created Bixby initially to help users get things done quickly, today the vision is much bigger. It is more than a voice assistant. We work continuously to enhance the AI. We have opened 7 New AI Centers which enables us to have over 1,000 new AI experts and spend 22 billion by 2020 towards developing our AI tech. It is time to do more with Bixby! We focus on Bixby being on more devices, Bixby will be able to support 5 more languages; German, French, Italian, English, Spanish. Bixby will also become open. Open to your ideas, open to your innovations and open to your  imagination. It is time to build your own Bixby experiences. We will also be launching a Bixby Marketplace to help you promote and sell your ideas.


Dag Kittlaus - bixby developers studio sdc 2018
Dag Kittlaus – bixby developers studio sdc 2018

Dag Kittlaus

We are creating tech that fully unleashes your creativity. Pushing the boundaries beyond – It has never been possible until today. This is a new and untapped channel. There are infinite possibilities. Partners and brands who get in early are going to have a huge advantage. The market is growing expeditiously. This technology is getting smarter every day. Being the first great experience keeps you relevant and current in an ever changing innovative world. But you can count on Samsung as we focus on two fundamental principles, first no trade-offs. You will be using the exact same tools we at Samsung use. Second, maximum versatility. There are no limits with what you can build with Bixby. How can we bring this to life? Bixby Developer Studio is now available!


Jaeyeon jung - One UI SDC 2018

Jaeyeon jung

One UI

See only what you need!

We know that for a users experience to be seamless and undisturbed, useful and empowering the hardware and software must work together. The rounded corners of our devices are echoed in this new UI. We have taken a brand new approach to content. We have introduced colourful floating on screen blocks in contrast to blank space behind.

What do these improvements mean for the User experience?

With One UI it becomes easier to focus on text at hand. It removes clutter and provides a continuous and fluid experience. Buttons disappear and appear as and when you need it allowing interactions to be more natural. The upper screen is for viewing and the lower is for interaction which makes everything at reach.

Dialogue buttons are also appearing at the lower interaction part of the screen. We paid attention to you as you demanded more by doing less without the distraction of everything else. We studied how users navigate, how they complete daily tasks and what comes natural. We found that  by adding more blank space we can interact more naturally.

We have made One UI more visibly comfortable. Not to mention colour tuning for clarity and now a personal touch allowing your UI to match your hardware.

When will One UI be available and on which devices can we expect to see them rolling out on?

Early January 2019 and  Open Beta begins in US, Germany and Korea rolling on devices such as the Galaxy S9, Galaxy S9+ and Note 9.

Big bold thinking!


samsung foldable phone

Hassan Anjum

What about Display Technology?

We know that alongside One UI we need great hardware. Something beautiful and seamless that brings together sight with touch, connecting what you see with what you feel.

We know that you want high resolution screens with life-like colours. We pioneered the AMOLED display. We are committed to make it better and better!

We are currently industry leading with our current flagship phone packing WQHD+1440×2640 pixels.


We take pride in our list of leading quality tech. The Galaxy S6 edge was the first to get the curved screen so when it comes to display technology what is next? The Galaxy S8 had the infinity screen. We set the standard for greatness! Now we can reveal to you the future: Infinity-U, Infinity-V, Infinity-O, New Infinity and now Samsung releaset the mobile device of the year… the foldable (folding) Phone!!!!



Justin Denison

We a creating a new generation of smartphones. The future of mobile phone technology.

An entirely new mobile platform. Mass production begins in the coming months. Infinity flex represents the biggest leap forward. Where do we go from here?

2009- AMOLED

2010 – Super AMOLED

2011 – Super AMOLED Plus

2012 – HD Super AMOLED

2013 – Full HD Super AMOLED

2014 – Quad HD Super AMOLED – Edge Display

2015 – Quad HD Super AMOLED – Infinity Display

Future –

Infinity – U

Infinity – V

Infinity – O

New Infinity

Infinity Flex Display

Rollable AMOLED

Stretchable AMOLED

We are defining a new experience! One UI works through two displays. Closed- Normal Smart phone cover display and when open you have a 7.3” display. You are greeted with this refreshing intuitive experience between cover display and tablet display. You can multitask with 3 apps at a time with what we are calling “Multi-Active Window”. To get you rolled into what is next for this leading tech of the future and how your business can collaborate to make the infinite possibilities within your reach we have three ways we are helping each of you both big and small companies to take advantage of this opportunity to be a part of history today.

  1. Emulator APK coming soon
  2. Element Guidelines for supported apps
  3. Session room to discuss how collaboration moves forward

It is all about seizing new opportunities.

We are Samsung – pioneering innovation inspired by people.

We look forward to working with you all to unfold an exciting new future.


Most recent update: November 8th 2018

Follow for updates on new flagship launches.


Samsung Foldable Phone

Any Thoughts?

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