Performing grow by Eli Oko

Two Spoken word poems called ‘Hands’ and ‘Grow’ by myself Eli Oko. Enjoy these short poems about life and growth.

Just a few Works From A White Room.

• hands •
We are the hands clasped tight
The palms open wide
We are the veins pumping
The words flowing through them
We are the distilled emotions
As if fingers running through a tangeled skull
Untwisting knots in thoughts that are dull
We are the hands
That carried weight
When even your heart blew away.
• grow •
Young Origami Lady…
I would like to see you
Glow, Blossom like a field of daisies
Or something with a beautiful scent
It will be beautiful when
I get to see you
In motion
Flow, As mother nature takes the stage
Bloom from the rays
And If I may
I would like to see you

Please leave a comment below of any poem you would like me to recite, it can be an original poem written by myself or a favourite poem of yours written by someone that inspires you.

Read ‘Like Origami’ :

Any Thoughts?

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