Fair Enough by Eli Oko

How long have you been writing?

“As long as I know”

How long have you felt?

“For way too long”

How far will this take you?

“Way too far”

How far are you willing to go?

“…define; willing”

So why do you stay, fighting ? Why do you keep writing and feeling?

“Because for as long as I wish to breathe, I am conditioned to feel

And for as long as I feel, I am compelled to release

And so what you see are your questions

Collected together and posed in spoken word

Why do I stay?

Because to leave is to give in

And I am planning on giving out before I ever give in.

I wish to breathe.

I wish to be

And if that means repeating myself

like broken records, broken records, broken records

Then I am a broken record

Please, take me off your coffee table

Make me stand on the most beautiful record player

So that at least I am still heard

And they will wonder why I am broken

They will wonder why I stay in this cycle

breathing, feeling, writing. breathing, feeling, writing.

Because to feel alive you must stay active.

Actions are for the living

I will rest when I sleep in death.

For now I will travel way too far for way too long

Breathing, feeling, writing.

Breathing, feeling, writing.




Fair enough.

Any Thoughts?

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