order of service by Eli Oko

First you will think you have lost everything
The will to speak
The will to think
The will to breathe
And you will come to love a voice that reminds you
It is possible to break a little more
To waste away and become less than you already feel
That it is possible to not be heard at all
To not have hopes and dreams
Or nightmares of haunting memories
To not have life or the very notion of its presence
They remind you

And just as you think you’ve understood
Just as you think you have landed on two feet
Just as the song finishes and the curtains quiver and close
Then you will notice…
The voice has itself become a mere memory and every wise word has now become grey and frail
And even the box her programme sits in is more full than you will ever be again.
Because if not for that voice, that lay sound in an a5 page,
You would of thought you had lost everything…

Way sooner than you truly did.

Any Thoughts?

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