Dancing In The Moonlight by Eli Oko

There was a silent sound of screaming

The tearing apart of hopes and dreams

The very glue keeping her together

Was now melting away

Yet slowly

But surely

She knew that to bring her happiness back

Was a dance she danced to be brave

Just a melodic breakdown away

And as the tranquil waves crashed into her

She watched as her everything sank below her feet

Sank below her


Deeper than oceans

She was higher than mountains

She was heavier than a thousand hearts

The moon became the light for when the the night meets the dark

A conversation she learned all too fast

And how happy she was now

To dance.

Listening to the one thing that brought hopes back

The heartbeat of the strayed vessel pieces

The boat that once carried her

Now in pieces

Drifting away

She held on to what was once the decking she placed her stable feet on

The melody was nothing like her usual song

All the things that she forced her mind to dwell on

When she closed her eyes

At night

The clouds come out to play

And masked even the brightest star

Dancing in the moonlight

With a heartbeat reminding her what it meant to be alive

Yet slowly

But surely

Dieing inside.

Any Thoughts?

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