She Was And Is And Always Will Be by Eli Oko

She was yellow, dripping purple
She was emptying within
She was something that was ending
Never knew where to begin
She was hopeful there was answers
She was keeping count of blessings she received
She was bent double over problems
Always prayed when on her knees
She was the closest thing to victory
She was to act, though unprepared
She was to stand and reflect success
Unbeknown that it was there
She was something you could envy
She was a force of which to awe
She was to hold her head up high
Knowing nothing less or more
She was a craft, the maker made
She was a product, bought and sold
She was to play her part correctly
Letting everything unfold
She was the warmest colour burning
She was a fire in their souls
She was the blind one leading blind ones
Preventing new from taking old
She was the people’s person, kind of person
She was the bearer of good news
She was the type you’d bring home to mother
If only a mother you had too
She was the the crimson in the red
She was the blood line in your veins
She was the destiny that befalls all
She was the ATGC in DNA
She was and is and always will be
She knows it oh so very well
She’s kept in everybody’s treasure box
But rarely ever held or truly felt
Although for all it’s all so clear
She’s a key part to everyone else
She is just a girl becoming woman
Who needs an introduction to herself.

Any Thoughts?

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