Body Over Mind by Eli Oko

Take me as I am
Or leave me where I be
I don’t need to need a person
If they are not in need of needing me
The meds just make me numb
I feel I am losing sacred speech
I used to write to release the tension
But now the tension is releasing me
I am losing words the more I take them
I am just slowly losing sight
There are shadows at my feet
As if they’re sown to soles of mine
Sadness fills my gills
And I just can’t seem to get things right
Drowning in unhappiness
No strength to leave it all behind
My house is taking shape
I bought ice to freeze the pain
I changed my watch to match occasion
I watched them carry her away
I touched the coffin with my fingers
As if to engrave my DNA
Rest in Peace all my dear loved ones
Until I see you all again
I have friends that I haven’t messaged
Not that they have not been on my mind
It’s just that I have aunties I have buried
And now I’m trying to find the time
Caskets never empty
You could lay these bodies in a line
Then you will find the path I’m walking
As I walk each path I find
I’ve been waiting for directions
I need something more divine
Scriptures have been revealing
Now I am feeling like I am running out of time
Should have my mind over body
But my body’s over mind.

Any Thoughts?

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