Introducing RENxELI

I have embarked on an exciting journey with my Twin Flame REN. We’re opening up our crazy adventures, rollercoaster of events and completely loony personalities to the world! A friendship that is rooted in 12 years of acquaintance but almost 2 years of daily banter, arguments and memories is about to hit the YouTube blockbusters and I can’t be more proud.

To be clear, you can binge-watch our videos on our YouTube Channel RENxELI. However, for a more organic experience on this blog, you can follow the events as they unravel weekly (you can expect new blog posts every Tuesday). I’ll be posting all we have shared as an extra space to document… us.

Subscribe to the channel of course, and enjoy the content. In addition, get backstage insight into what went into each video here on AnotherFlyOnTheWall.

Let’s begin with a trailer. Because every great blockbuster whets the appetites of its audience and as you grow to love the characters more and more, everything fits perfectly into place. Series by Series… Vlog by Vlog and Challenge by Challenge.

Enjoy x

👋 hi
We Are REN & ELI. We do Vlogs, Challenges & Much More!
We have exciting content lined up so please stay tuned & SUBSCRIBE so that you are notified when the next video drops!
As always, thank you for watching x


Any Thoughts?

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