Take Me Too by Eli Oko

But they will not be flattened, They will not be crushed
We will not be silenced.


about a guy… by Eli Oko

And the L and O and V and E at my feet, won’t change it…

I Am Telling You by Eli Oko

The first poem on the Blog for 2018. I was silent but I was still telling you all something very important.

Lucid Thoughts

Sometimes to tell a big truth you need to tell a little lie.

IT is here!

Works From a White Room Volume I – #TextsArePoetry


Dear me, I have gone back out into the ocean, with a diffrent perspective, hoping to end this. 

Jar of hearts by Eli Oko

I guess that’s just how I feel. I tell myself to forget about this person. Then I write about them still.