Making Lemonade by Eli Oko

Life threw me so many curve balls

Life threw so many trial and tribulations

I caught each

I saw them in the moment

I watched them transpire

Because as hard as the moment may seem

They do transpire

They turn into dust

Just like us

Life saw me in the mirror

And I stared back at it with eyes open wide

I said, not today life

And it shattered inside

Because as strong as it may seem

It is built up of dreams

And even theirs shatter

Just like us

Life asked me to choose

I pointed to his heart and said

I would have been in this forever but

You lose

As I stepped back and fell into the 23 waterfalls I wrote about

I saw things drown

I thought they were 23 parts of me

The parts I need

But I was mistaken

At the bottom of the waterfall lay them

Because as light as they claim to be

Their baggage is heavy and they will meet the deeply eroded depression

Hitting the plunge pool

Quicker than us

23 I scream

Life begins for me … at 23.

When he left me crying bitter tears

He thought I would become his 2nd renegade

It’s not even been a year, thankful I am to be here

As the world can witness me making lemonade.

– Psalms 103:2 –

Any Thoughts?

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