EÖ Presents 》Alex Undone

Who is Alex Undone? Following on from her live periscope I reached out to Alex in order to speak with her about what is next in her journey. I had the chance to share my spoken word piece inspired by her live periscopes, Undone is a poem inspired by an amazingly talented artist and model known by the … Continue reading EÖ Presents 》Alex Undone

hello by Eli Oko

Just another beautifully broken memory to write about.

I promise…

Eternity never expires and forever is where we begin. 

Untitled by Eli Oko

Untitled is my title

So sadly, I became.

Waiting Here – Jake Isaac (Video & Lyrics)

She looks up and we're eye to eye.
She whispers "love, never leave my side".

Goodnight by Eli Oko

Good fight, she smiles.
Good victory, she smiles. Good night.

Lonely Together – Avicii ft Rita Ora (Video & Lyrics)

Let's be lonely together,
A little less lonely together.

Not My Ex – Jessie J (Video & Lyrics)

Cause now you wanna love me, who knows what you'll find. It won't be easy, but I'm down for the ride.
Just remember, You're not my ex.

Before Thursday – 2:07am

"Why is it dark when I close my eyes?"

"Because that is when you truly learn to feel."

Elements by Eli Oko

Wrecking everything and everyone,
These thoughts are like mini wars.