I’ve Got Something Up My Nose!

I’ve got something up my nose! 

2016-08-15 17_07_56-0 of 1 uploaded - YouTube.png

It is the wonderful sound of kids playing, the warm breeze of summers finale, I can see beautiful plants and blue skies. I can smell, but I am not sneezing. I can see, but my eyes do not itch. I can live, without the irritation of hayfever!

No tablets, No symptoms, No worries!

I have been testing out the Nose Mask Pit from iokidoki for 2 months now. We have all been advertised things that are supposed to change our lives, provide solutions to every day living and make you come running back for more, and quite often it is not the case. However this is a product I told many of my friends about this summer because it is relevant, it is effective and quite frankly it’s still stuck up my nose, so that must count for something!

“WHAT IS IT?!” I hear you scream.


The nose mask pit is an amazing solution for hayfever sufferers. This simple, discreet and ground-breaking nose mask blocks airborne viruses, pollen and particles.It absorbs  mucous excretions with a specifically-processed sponge.It fits snug giving you peace of mind! Did anyone notice? After some time, yes! I’m 5″10 and most of my friends stare up to me but it took a while and to be honest I would often try to make it obvious just so they could ask!

They all wanted to try it as hayfever is so common and very few things truly help. Like me, my friends hate the idea of having to pop tablets everyday all summer to potentially prevent hayfever symptoms. They still avoid places like the park during high pollen times and this is not ideal especially on the very few days we even get a “summer” here in London. I spoke about it on Social Media platforms and at offline events and it seems everyone would be happy to try an alternative to tablets. Most people said they gave up and just faced the wrath of summer after only a few weeks of trying to battle the symptoms. “No sun”, they’d exclaim, “But still I am sneezing, I feel like I have the cold and my eyes burn!”.

2016-08-15 17_06_03-0 of 1 uploaded - YouTube.png

So why am I talking about it when summer seems to be on it’s way out? Well this is for all seasons, remember it blocks viruses too. Many people result in mouth masks for trains and public transport, which makes you look like the carrier of viruses not that you are trying to avoid any! This discreet solution means you can benefit all year round. I also experienced a weird sensation once I had it in, every time I’d put it in I would say “I can breathe better”. It felt like it was allowing me to breathe freely and the air felt fresh!

I enjoyed my summer and took walks in the beautiful local park and did not need to avoid high pollen times because of the Nose Mask Pit. Want to get your hands on the product that makes you love summer again?


Head over to iOkiDoki.com – The Power of Service Ideas. 

Or tweet them for more information with the #iOkiDoki


Enjoy my photos and the video of the beginning of the journey! 



Want me to test, review and promote your product? Get in touch! 

Any Thoughts?

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