hello by Eli Oko

Just another beautifully broken memory to write about.

an uproot of hope

What a sad little story, of a flower that bloomed just to die And in this very void, in this very hole you will find That another childless woman so quietly resides.

She Was And Is And Always Will Be by Eli Oko

Perhaps you have convinced everyone else, but are yet to convince yourself.

all is fair in love and poetry by Eli Oko

about the lovers that we've held
all is fair in love and poetry
If there is something I know well.

I promise…

Eternity never expires and forever is where we begin. 

To My Silver Lining…

So that I can soon honour me
And all that I have become
And all that I am soon to be.

In Pairs by Eli Oko

And no matter how much you want to escape them
You will never escape yourself.

about a guy… by Eli Oko

And the L and O and V and E at my feet, won't change it...

planted by Eli Oko

six feet deep.

I ask Him… by Eli Oko

Apologising for the sinful hands I clasp together

I ask Him.