Broken Wings by Eli Oko

She was the most cheerful person you had ever seen With broken wings.

I don’t think I’ve been in love…

A Dialogue Between Two Drowning Poets…

...stand still and let it find you.

3-03-18 by Eli Oko

There was no moon.

To My Silver Lining…

So that I can soon honour me
And all that I have become
And all that I am soon to be.

In Pairs by Eli Oko

And no matter how much you want to escape them
You will never escape yourself.

Buried by Eli Oko

But nobody can tell.

Citrus by Eli Oko

I can see now
I can feel now
Yes I truly taste your citrus buds.

about a guy… by Eli Oko

And the L and O and V and E at my feet, won't change it...


Appreciation deep, For the hands that hold my book.