I don’t think I’ve been in love…

3-03-18 by Eli Oko

There was no moon.

To My Silver Lining…

So that I can soon honour me
And all that I have become
And all that I am soon to be.

Buried by Eli Oko

But nobody can tell.

about a guy… by Eli Oko

And the L and O and V and E at my feet, won't change it...

Short Story Coming 2018 – #chapterfour

"...like chains had been broken from my ankles and handcuffs torn from my wrists. It was as if coming out of a uniform and into my own clothes."

Untitled by Eli Oko

Untitled is my title

So sadly, I became.

IT is finished!

30/09/2017 @ 3:03am I can finally say...

Making Lemonade by Eli Oko

Life threw me so many curve balls Life threw so many trial and tribulations I caught each I saw them in the moment I watched them transpire Because as hard as the moment may seem They do transpire They turn into dust Just like us Life saw me in the mirror And I stared back … Continue reading Making Lemonade by Eli Oko