A-Z Of All I’ve Met

A – Annabel

B – Brenda

C – Chris (Whoever you wish this to be)

D – Davinia

E – Elijah

F – Francisca (She has the same name as me)

G – Greta

H – Hanson ( A path I feel privileged to explore)

I – Isaac

J – Joseph (My brother who gave me nephews I adore)

K – Kyri

L – Leona (The happiest person I know)

M – Mark (A funny dude I’m happy to of known)

N – Nika (This nickname came to my mind)

O – Oscar

P – Peter (Proposed to Sarah on the 3rd of the 9th)

Q – I have yet to meet someone so cool

R – Robert

S – Sarah (I know many, so I’ll leave you to choose)

T – Teddy

U – No one comes to the brain

V – Veronica

W – Winnie

X – Xiaa (Such a beautiful name)

Y – Yasmin (Wrote and sent me my first ever letter)

Z – Zoe (Not sure how she spells it, I’ve only just met her)



Any Thoughts?

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