EÖ Presents 》Severe180

New Release by Severe180 Just like the story of most upcoming artist that have always been around that you've never really heard of, there have been highs and lows on this journey. Severe180 would like to share this single (gift) with the world.

EÖ Presents 》BET’s OneShot Contestant MillyBoy

Another great artist to introduce to you all! Hats off to the amazing MillyBoy! As a triple threat Teemar Roberts also known as MillyBoy is a rapper, singer and songwriter. He is from a small town named Laurens in South Carolina known as WattsMill - hence the name! Crime is High and opportunities are low … Continue reading EÖ Presents 》BET’s OneShot Contestant MillyBoy

Silver by Eli Oko

A man of Silver is what she needs And what I dripped just lays beneath Reflecting all I couldn't be.

Take Me Too by Eli Oko

But they will not be flattened, They will not be crushed We will not be silenced.

Oceans by Eli Oko [Petit Biscuit – Oceans]

Written by Eli Oko inspired by Petit Biscuit - Oceans.


"I will not stop until I have dripped words on every moving topic that forces me to stand still." - eli oko

by Eli Oko

white flag. spilled thoughts.

Paper Plane by Eli Oko

Paper Plane for Jade.

Unwonted : 3 Luminous

Story 3 - Luminous. As the links connect they presume they know her ending. As unusual as her pages are, it becomes like a book that they all can’t stop trying to read. IT can not be controlled. Only expected!

FRIDAY by Eli Oko

Another pointless poem just because it's FRIDAY!