if poetry wore clothes

“when so many are lonely... it would be inexcusably selfish to be lonely alone.”

To My Silver Lining…

So that I can soon honour me
And all that I have become
And all that I am soon to be.

EÖ Presents 》Clear Path by Amami.H

"Let not the bend distort your focus. "

Options by Eli Oko

We have so many options! Up to us which one we choose We know what we have to gain Crystal clear what we could lose Honestly, sometimes I hate the options I sit and struggle picking one I wish that one was picked for me I would have to settle, job done. I think we have too many options And now … Continue reading Options by Eli Oko

“Written Today, Heard Tomorrow” Extract by Eli Oko

  • hands • We are the hands clasped tight The palms open wide We are the veins pumping The words flowing through them We are the distilled emotions As if fingers running through a tangeled skull Untwisting knots in thoughts that are dull We are the hands That carried weight When even your heart … Continue reading “Written Today, Heard Tomorrow” Extract by Eli Oko

Please Don’t Judge Me by Eli Oko

  We may have parked up, stopped and spoken for a bit We got closer than you think He leant over for a kiss My mind sobered from the wish I guess I was left hoping for a mint But then my eyes opened for a bit Don’t judge me I’ve been lost most times … Continue reading Please Don’t Judge Me by Eli Oko

The Host by Eli Oko

I watch movies regularly so decided to integrate my hobbies and take note off key words I heard throughout the movie to structure my poem inspired by the movie. The first movie I tried is The Host. Enjoy! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uNeCnKKHGE4 Completely invaded Intruder alert Occupy all emotions I feel pain and sense hurt Drifting apart as … Continue reading The Host by Eli Oko

The season of warmth by Eli Oko

  Winters my favourite time of year with family as we snuggle by the heat It’s the periodic shivers and the thick socks on my feet Winds that remind us why we need to wear our hats and scarf Preparing us to appreciate the soon sunshine, shorts and laughs Winter makes me want to stay … Continue reading The season of warmth by Eli Oko

AFOTW Features on Website!

Wooooooooooooo! *Jumps for joy* I want to just say a huge thanks to James McInerney For Mentioning Another Fly On The Wall on his website! It was crazy to see AFOTW was his first blog appearance  This makes the article that more special ... haven't checked it out yet? >>>> CLICK HERE Also did you know that he … Continue reading AFOTW Features on Website!

EÖ Presents 》In between The Lines – James McInerney

“All my works are going to be original & unique, not a copy of someone else.”   - James McInerney I have always had a passion for poetry. It’s like poetry has its own type of melody, a symphony in fact. Each line is introducing a new instrument of emotion. Poetry is a musical art to … Continue reading EÖ Presents 》In between The Lines – James McInerney