Options by Eli Oko

We have so many options!

Up to us which one we choose

We know what we have to gain

Crystal clear what we could lose

Honestly, sometimes I hate the options

I sit and struggle picking one

I wish that one was picked for me

I would have to settle, job done.

I think we have too many options

And now we are spoilt for choice

That annoying expression on our faces

They can hear it in our voice

They should take away some options

We do not deserve the list

I think we would be grateful for the cut back

Or at least get over it.

Final time, to hear these options

Broken record, hear them play

last and final opportunity

Or it is one at random

And there is nothing we can say.

Option 1 – for faith

Option 2 – for peace of mind

Option 3 – for patience

Option 4 – does not need to rhyme, just endurance for your trials

Option 5 – to ease the time, joy in abundance

So please just make a choice

Your life is on the line.






Any Thoughts?

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