The Host by Eli Oko

I watch movies regularly so decided to integrate my hobbies and take note off key words I heard throughout the movie to structure my poem inspired by the movie. The first movie I tried is The Host. Enjoy!

Completely invaded
Intruder alert
Occupy all emotions
I feel pain and sense hurt
Drifting apart
as a wanderer does
Memories haunt me
And I see too much
Distressed is the person
So dare I forget?
The invasion took place
Way before we met
“Mirror my person
My inner most self,
Brutal are the ones
Who can feel what I felt”
Unreasonable I shout
Magnolia spreads
The genius within me
Resistance had kept
I won’t defend war
From you, neither us
There’s two minds within me
In both you can trust
We’ll never take sides
united unlike most
And we’ll change things for ever
The Invader, The host.


Any Thoughts?

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