A little catch up with Eli x

If you are wondering where you can find more work from me and where I post more regularly you can follow me on Instagram. I post short quotes, short poems and even feature collaborations with other writers and Photographers from all over the world. I am excited for what is to come in the next … Continue reading A little catch up with Eli x

Hyperlapse: Crazy high-speed timelapse videos made using Google Streetview

http://vimeo.com/63653873 I am forever searching the web for something awe-inspiring. I think I found just that today! Teehan+Lax Labs posted a pretty awesome post of a video that takes all of those flat Street View images from Google Maps and creates a hyperlapse video out of it. What is hyperlapse? Well, to literally quote from … Continue reading Hyperlapse: Crazy high-speed timelapse videos made using Google Streetview

Better your Twitter Management

In association with my twitter tips blog post "Tips for gaining Organic Followers" I found this site which allows you to check you fake followers free or sign up and manage your twitter account (s) via report services , integration features and more. Check the screenshots below and visit the links for yourself, pretty cool! … Continue reading Better your Twitter Management

EVENT ALERT! – Big Breakfast Business Networking

I attended the Big Breakfast Business Networking event in association with IKEA intended to reach out to local businesses and create connections that can become either potential partnerships or potential customers. I must admit it did just that! I went home with nearly 15 business cards of potential businesses that I was either planning to … Continue reading EVENT ALERT! – Big Breakfast Business Networking

Building Achievers – 5 Tips

In connection with my previous article called “Are the overachieving staff become the underachievers?” I have now written 5 tips or points to integrate into the existing business model to help encourage employees not only to work hard but also to enjoy doing it. Let me know what you think! 1.       Positive Emotional Connectors Working … Continue reading Building Achievers – 5 Tips

Are the overachieving staff becoming the underachievers?

Under achieving or over achieving, I believe that every member off your staff deserve quality attention and equal amounts of your time. Motivating in a form of disciplining should be used to encourage your staff to meet targets and stick to rules or guidelines of the company. Despite the fact it may be easier to … Continue reading Are the overachieving staff becoming the underachievers?

This Is The Time To Act!

“We don’t want to continue thinking our way into a new way of acting, we want to act our way into a new way of thinking.” – Katherine Fulton   I have realized that it is important to understand that the most selfish desire is to think of yourself, to want to do things that benefit you … Continue reading This Is The Time To Act!

Must See: Documentaries for Entrepreneurs

Freakonomics (2010) Freakonomics helped to construct my thought in order to question the things we often allow to happen in our lives. It made me want to consider how much of the decisions I make in my life are actually from my own initiative and how many are due to the incentives put in front … Continue reading Must See: Documentaries for Entrepreneurs

The Art to Achieving Goals

We all have goals we desire to reach, whether they are business related or personal goals, they motivate us to direct and generate energy so as to complete them. Likely we make goals that seem unreachable due to our current situations but we shouldn't let that determine our future. There are people who aim low … Continue reading The Art to Achieving Goals

To achieve

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