The season of warmth by Eli Oko


Winters my favourite time of year with family as we snuggle by the heat

It’s the periodic shivers and the thick socks on my feet

Winds that remind us why we need to wear our hats and scarf

Preparing us to appreciate the soon sunshine, shorts and laughs

Winter makes me want to stay in with lemon tea or lime

And dark mornings and dull afternoons force me to stay in this decline

Fresh dripping dew and that fresh smelling air

Walking through the frosty park nothing quite compares

Pink tipped noses, Rosy red cheeks

Ears freezing cold and eyes water in the breeze

It crazy how much you can wear when you’re feeling cold

The whole wardrobe is on your back and So many socks to warm the toes

Winter really isn’t so bad, when you picture it like this

I’m in my favourite place, with my favourite people, doing my favourite things.

Any Thoughts?

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