if poetry wore clothes

Generosity had green bags in a shopping trolley and set them aside a row of sleeping homeless men. May they wake up to breakfast. May they wake up to love.

Humility has shoulder length hair, dark eyes with chapters of stories and a smile that is like the curve of waves crashing into a shore.

Thankful wore a silver crown, had the softest hands and ocean eyes. I will forever be taught by her humility and wisdom.

Organised had grey and white hair with silver pots hanging from her kitchen walls. Spinning around frantically, everything was in order.

Appreciation wore her hair up in a bun, a light scarf draped around her neck and her top hung off her shoulder. Every plant felt her love.

Regret wore black and crimson, laid on an arm of roses and gave in to nature. Tears like waves crashing against the curve in her smile.

Hurt wears a long jacket slightly worn in the sleeves, bulky trainers with her braids tied to the side draping across her right shoulder.

Kindness wore a hooded blue raincoat in the sun and blue washed jeans. He walked super slow and smoked smoked cigarettes from the ground.

Confidence lives where the heart is, has blonde hair to her hips, wears a leather jacket and red pumps.

Perfection drove a black volkswagen Match, had red hair, piercings and wore denim.

If poetry wore clothes and bad habits or goals and ambition with a beating heart and racing mind, I’d spend more time with it. It would mean that all of us could be unapologetically human. I read somewhere that “when so many are lonely… it would be inexcusably selfish to be lonely alone.”

I believe, if poetry was personified, I’d have met my other half and he would have stayed…

Any Thoughts?

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