hello by Eli Oko

Just another beautifully broken memory to write about.

1.2 it is because i love you

and all quite spectacularly due to the terrifying fact that i think it is because I love you.

1.1 a white mirror

1.1 And Poetry is no exception

if poetry wore clothes

“when so many are lonely... it would be inexcusably selfish to be lonely alone.”

5 Features You Probably Forgot Your Android Can Do!

If you are like me and would like to suck some life from your old device and feel brand new again. Here are 5 little tricks you probably forgot you can do!

Su Cara by Eli Oko

XXIIII • Su Cara

by Eli Oko

white flag.

spilled thoughts.


I present to you Brandon Wolf Hill from Minneapolis, sharing his talent globally and flying through the music scene. As a YouTuber, Music Artist and Model he is truly showing what it takes to reach for your goals. His goal is to connect with people through music and be able to help others to find inspiration. During … Continue reading EÖ Presents 》BRANDON WOLF HILL

The Cold by CeCe and Eli Oko (Collaborative Poetry)

You have left me before and it hurts every day And this time around I feel the cold   This time around I  feel the cold Numb are the hands I once used to hold you You know what it feels like And so this time around I’ll let the pain sink in I’ll let … Continue reading The Cold by CeCe and Eli Oko (Collaborative Poetry)

Glasshouse by Eli Oko

With Windows and doors With walls and floors With a surrounding so pretty and a thousand reasons to never leave They travel into the crowds amongst the civilians They pretend to hold everything in the bags they carry But it's nothing Just hopes and dreams and the little things inbetween From the inside it seems … Continue reading Glasshouse by Eli Oko