My Social Love by Eli Oko

Whatsapp's are green Emails are blue But even my phone knows When it's a message from you Snapchats go ping And IG belts a sound I treasure a message from you Wherever it's found. -EO

Vocals by Eli Oko

I have only the sound of my words to identify my thoughts and intentions I hate that I can express the thoughts on my mind Through a method more divine I guess the main thing I am looking for is an intervention I hear the questions how and why as if we’ve been questioning for … Continue reading Vocals by Eli Oko

Still My Friend by Eli Oko & Nika Taite (Collaborative poetry)

Written By Nika Taite / Written By Eli Oko I'm starting this note from the beginning to the end of our days Maybe a friendship to you was just a mere passing phase I hope you know why I'm doing this I hope you understand and comprehend I hope you know that in my mind … Continue reading Still My Friend by Eli Oko & Nika Taite (Collaborative poetry)

That’s Fine by Eli Oko

Can I highlight the fine line between the plain truths and white lies Things are not always black and white guys Mothers have powers, anything lost they can find It’s the power within, like an owl with their eyes Despite through the high times Mothers are not always right guys and that’s fine. Fathers can … Continue reading That’s Fine by Eli Oko

Please Don’t Judge Me by Eli Oko

  We may have parked up, stopped and spoken for a bit We got closer than you think He leant over for a kiss My mind sobered from the wish I guess I was left hoping for a mint But then my eyes opened for a bit Don’t judge me I’ve been lost most times … Continue reading Please Don’t Judge Me by Eli Oko

His Wall by Eli Oko

I found myself staring at his wall. And as I imagined what the other side looked like I was blinded by the everything’s and nothings I saw. It was cold as I stepped off the boat but it seems every journey I take unwillingly takes me to a destination I could only construct in my … Continue reading His Wall by Eli Oko

And The Words Were Green by Eli Oko

And the words were green. They shattered the feelings I had, of accomplishment and pride. I no longer stood, I was crawling for the things I wanted. I had neither the best nor the worse, It was all unspoken of. I was just green and the rest was history. Not the history that goes down … Continue reading And The Words Were Green by Eli Oko

Colder than words by Eli Oko

These were your words, these are my words. Let us make a line between them and not allow the ends to meet. Let us show all for what it is really worth. These are powerful,  these are weak. I am like lava melting as a condescending tone amongst truthful speech. I am not warm, I … Continue reading Colder than words by Eli Oko

The Host by Eli Oko

I watch movies regularly so decided to integrate my hobbies and take note off key words I heard throughout the movie to structure my poem inspired by the movie. The first movie I tried is The Host. Enjoy! Completely invaded Intruder alert Occupy all emotions I feel pain and sense hurt Drifting apart as … Continue reading The Host by Eli Oko

The Beauty of Age by Eli Oko

Staring into the mirror, what have I become As the wrinkles get deeper, I count one by one The scars in my eyes As I stand in fear of my past That it catches up to my future and divides me like parts A moment ago I was young and had goals and now I … Continue reading The Beauty of Age by Eli Oko