EÖ Presents 》In between The Lines – James McInerney

“All my works are going to be original & unique, not a copy of someone else.”   – James McInerney


I have always had a passion for poetry. It’s like poetry has its own type of melody, a symphony in fact. Each line is introducing a new instrument of emotion. Poetry is a musical art to me.

On my search for talent, I came across a person who really knows how to express himself. His written sentiments of emotion and some of pain were touching as I’m sure thousands of readers could appreciate. He writes poems that anyone and everyone can relate to. It wasn’t until I read ‘I’d love to though that I really understood him as a poet. Reading this poem taught me personally that we may face the largest of troubles and may blame the wrong people for them, but at the same time the fact we live to tell the story shows how strong we are.  So ladies and gentlemen Another Fly on the Wall presents ‘Another talented individual’ expressing themselves!


James McInerney grew up in an area in Northampton aptly named ‘Poets Corner’, unbeknownst that poetry was to become a huge part of his life. Having no prior interest in the subject matter in his younger years, James discovered the wonders of writing in his twenties. Mixing his own thoughts and emotions with classical and Instrumental film scores he realised for the first time in his life that there was more to writing than met the eye. With no real influences or coming from a writing background, James’s enthusiasm grew and grew and it was full steam ahead with no turning back. Not content with just writing words for his own amusement, he continued to test the boundaries to great effect. Using his new found love for writing and his in depth knowledge of the social networking sites, his resourcefulness really paid off.  Attracting a lot of attention over the years, James and his works have covered a range of different media platforms from radio and local and national magazines to working with musicians and actors who have adapted and performed his works. As well as writing, James has a passion for photography. His black and white style of photography has been a huge hit on the social networking sites and something that he was praised for during his radio appearances on the BBC.

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‘I’d love to’
Written by James McInerney

I’d love to awake from the perfect night’s dream,
Cradling love in my arms,
Instead of crying these tears,
No longer the ‘victim’,
That the world cannot see,
Making excuses for all the bruises,
Until the pain sets me free.

I’d love to be normal,
And not fear you at all,
Like in bed whilst I sleep,
As your shadow appears at my door,
Always pretending I can’t see you,
Like you’re not even real,
Another ‘Monster’,
In a story,

Of a book I won’t read.

And as hard as I try,
You just can’t let me be,
Tasting your breath on my lips,
Wishing I had the courage to scream,
Instead of feeling so helpless,
Whilst you take what you need,
“I’m a child for god’s sake!
Not a whore from the street!

“Will someone please help me?
For I don’t understand,
I keep screaming for him to stop,
But he won’t let go of my hands,
Quickly pining me down,
With a force I can’t fight,
And though my body feels numb,
How he still hurts me inside,
So I lay and I weep,
Until he’s finished and gone,
Blood stains mark the sheets,
Where violence sang out its song.”

“Oh how I hate you blessed Lord,
That you could allow this to happen,
Do I not pray to you enough?
To earn an ounce of compassion,
Never again shall we speak,
Or hold hands in your chapel,
I believed in you once,
But now my faith has been shattered.

I’d love to be someone,
Instead of what I’ve become,
Playing games with my veins,
Until I find the right one,
Hoping death will take pity,
And quietly swallow me whole,
For life holds no purpose,
Once it’s ripped from the soul,
Standing so close to the edge,
I close my eyes,
And I’m gone………

Picture Drawn by Danila Steri

Mini Interview:

What inspires you to write poetry and what do you usually base your poems on?

“Life inspires me to write Poetry. I wake every day and the world presents new challenges and learning curves that make you think and wonder about how everything fits into place. As I live and breathe every day I am collecting memories and ideas for new writes. My poems are based on either life experiences and or the type of classical / instrumental film scores I am listening to so that I can get the idea and emotion for every new write.”

What has been you inspiration, and why?

“I have not been inspired to write by no one else at all and I think that is why I have been so popular with my works. The fact that I haven’t been inspired by a fellow poet or artist means that all my works are going to be original and unique and not a copy of someone else’s words.”

What are you planning to do in the near future? What should everybody look out for?

“I am currently appearing in two newspapers in the arts section, where my books and I are being featured. I am also in talks with a major book store so that my books can be sold in the high street and not just on Amazon. There will be all new radio interviews and magazine appearances and loads more. To keep up to date with the latest news, if you check the ‘News’ tab on my website you can see everything as it happens.”

“This is also the link to the ‘youtuber’ who covered that poem (‘I’d Love to’) and turned it into a song. It even got airplay on a radio station in the Netherlands!”



Check him out online at:

Amazon:        http://www.creatspace.com/3934118

Facebook:     Facebook.com/jamesmcinerneypoetry

YouTube:      YouTube.com/millsmc1977

Twitter:           @millsmc07

Instagram:     @millsmc07

Diaspora:       jamesmcinerney

WordPress:    jamestmcinerney

KIK:                 millsmc07

Gmail:             jeeter77@gmail.com

Website:         http://jamesmcinerney.wix.com/poetry

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