EÖ Presents 》BET’s OneShot Contestant MillyBoy

Another great artist to introduce to you all! Hats off to the amazing MillyBoy! As a triple threat Teemar Roberts also known as MillyBoy is a rapper, singer and songwriter. He is from a small town named Laurens in South Carolina known as WattsMill - hence the name! Crime is High and opportunities are low … Continue reading EÖ Presents 》BET’s OneShot Contestant MillyBoy

I’ve Got Something Up My Nose!

I've got something up my nose!  It is the wonderful sound of kids playing, the warm breeze of summers finale, I can see beautiful plants and blue skies. I can smell, but I am not sneezing. I can see, but my eyes do not itch. I can live, without the irritation of hayfever! No tablets, No … Continue reading I’ve Got Something Up My Nose!

Options by Eli Oko

We have so many options! Up to us which one we choose We know what we have to gain Crystal clear what we could lose Honestly, sometimes I hate the options I sit and struggle picking one I wish that one was picked for me I would have to settle, job done. I think we have too many options And now … Continue reading Options by Eli Oko

Plan before you Pitch!

"No enterprise is more likely to succeed than one concealed from the enemy until it is ripe for execution."

What is the value of a ‘Like’?

Why do businesses go around asking people to ‘like’ their content on Facebook, it’s not about the number of likes they get or where each like comes from anymore. It’s just about the reaction. So a business gets 1000 likes on their status promoting their new deal, but who cares when that action may not … Continue reading What is the value of a ‘Like’?

Nailing an Interview – The R.I.M Method

The R.I.M Method - A Clued Up Article! (You heard it here first) Some Background Info! I have recently left my apprenticeship job after a years contract terminated, I had bagged my qualifications and picked up some great skills and valuable experience, so thus I decided to follow my instincts and search for a new … Continue reading Nailing an Interview – The R.I.M Method

Understanding SEO Services

Rank #1 and get to the top of Google! A 'Clued Up' Article Everyday millions of people use search engines to find what they are looking for. How vital it is then that they find your website! However, with billions of websites on the internet it may seem hard or even impossible to rank on … Continue reading Understanding SEO Services

Tips to gaining Organic Followers!

What to tweet, When & Why A "Clued Up" Article The one thing many love about twitter in comparison to Facebook is that theoretically you can tweet as much as you want and no one really has the right to moan about it. Twitter is often known for updates like “Finally on the Bus”. On … Continue reading Tips to gaining Organic Followers!

EVENT ALERT! – Big Breakfast Business Networking

I attended the Big Breakfast Business Networking event in association with IKEA intended to reach out to local businesses and create connections that can become either potential partnerships or potential customers. I must admit it did just that! I went home with nearly 15 business cards of potential businesses that I was either planning to … Continue reading EVENT ALERT! – Big Breakfast Business Networking

Building Achievers – 5 Tips

In connection with my previous article called “Are the overachieving staff become the underachievers?” I have now written 5 tips or points to integrate into the existing business model to help encourage employees not only to work hard but also to enjoy doing it. Let me know what you think! 1.       Positive Emotional Connectors Working … Continue reading Building Achievers – 5 Tips