Birds by Eli Oko

I dream that Birds have been taking notes of us
And now the roles reversed.

We’re Even by Eli Oko

Hey you,
Yes you,
Please stay.
Stay within you today
Because tomorrow is going to be just great.


“I will not stop until I have dripped words on every moving topic that forces me to stand still.” – eli oko

Bloom by Eli Oko

If your roots have outgrown the pot you grew in – get a bigger pot. If you find that you are not getting the light you need – find another location. You, my human friend, deserve to be as selfish as  a plant – and bloom.   Please share on your social media platforms and…

Bohemian Beauty by Eli Oko

You wild free spirit, Roaming about the streets, Searching for art, As you pass a blue door – We see a ‘blue door’. But your Instagram pictures say a thousand words more, This Bohemian Beauty….

Options by Eli Oko

We have so many options! Up to us which one we choose We know what we have to gain Crystal clear what we could lose Honestly, sometimes I hate the options I sit and struggle picking one I wish that one was picked for me I would have to settle, job done. I think we have too many options And now…

I Am Not Me by Eli Oko

I am not I. I do not watch girls drift off into night skies With sirens and screeching tyres Debauched dirty men pointing to invisible friends And scattered screams of celebration I remember walking alone between tall buildings I recall the sensation of cold cement floors I hated the glare of city lights on shop windows…

To My Silent Readers

Dear Silent Readers, I am sorry I am calling you out, I am sorry there is no more hiding my frustration I can not control these words from my mouth.  I feel you silently build me up, you grow me with your tranquil waters, however lately I have been experiencing the stormy weathers with downpours and…

Answered Prayer by Eli Oko

I have a man. I have a man that looks at me as if he is reading me his favorite book he will never put down each line he explores, over and over and over again he loves each page as his eyes follow its story his fingers trace down the spine he loves my…