What have you vowed today?

I don’t think I’ve been in love…

Body Over Mind by Eli Oko

I have aunties I have buried And now I'm trying to find the time

tomorrow’s fields by eli oko

How especially sacred feeling slightly better truly feels.

I ask Him… by Eli Oko

Apologising for the sinful hands I clasp together

I ask Him.

Before Thursday – 2:07am

"Why is it dark when I close my eyes?"

"Because that is when you truly learn to feel."

Your Pages by Eli Oko

I hope I make it into your pages.


"I will not stop until I have dripped words on every moving topic that forces me to stand still." - eli oko

Coffee by Eli Oko

He would be wide eyed Leg shaking Painfully embedded into the black and white lines He would be retro, a true classic That old 'skool' word we should never spell with a 'k' Because it shows our age   He would be boiling with steam Burning the lips of all who dare to get close … Continue reading Coffee by Eli Oko

A little catch up with Eli x

If you are wondering where you can find more work from me and where I post more regularly you can follow me on Instagram. I post short quotes, short poems and even feature collaborations with other writers and Photographers from all over the world. I am excited for what is to come in the next … Continue reading A little catch up with Eli x