Options by Eli Oko

We have so many options! Up to us which one we choose We know what we have to gain Crystal clear what we could lose Honestly, sometimes I hate the options I sit and struggle picking one I wish that one was picked for me I would have to settle, job done. I think we have too many options And now … Continue reading Options by Eli Oko

The Host by Eli Oko

I watch movies regularly so decided to integrate my hobbies and take note off key words I heard throughout the movie to structure my poem inspired by the movie. The first movie I tried is The Host. Enjoy! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uNeCnKKHGE4 Completely invaded Intruder alert Occupy all emotions I feel pain and sense hurt Drifting apart as … Continue reading The Host by Eli Oko

Hyperlapse: Crazy high-speed timelapse videos made using Google Streetview

http://vimeo.com/63653873 I am forever searching the web for something awe-inspiring. I think I found just that today! Teehan+Lax Labs posted a pretty awesome post of a video that takes all of those flat Street View images from Google Maps and creates a hyperlapse video out of it. What is hyperlapse? Well, to literally quote from … Continue reading Hyperlapse: Crazy high-speed timelapse videos made using Google Streetview

iRemindU – The 5* App

“We can transform your ideas into beautiful unique apps” – Redwood Apps   I think Finding Apps that are going to be worth the download and that you can actually use in your everyday lives is something hard to do, with the amount of apps soaring into app stores monthly it can be hard to … Continue reading iRemindU – The 5* App

Rock Sound Competition – Win £3,300 worth of gear!

 “The UK’s best value source of merchandise and print”   -Awesome Merchandise Okay so remember I was looking for company’s promoting competitions and cool gifts? We spoke about the best prizes to search out for. CLICK HERE to read that post. Well anyway, point is I found the greatest competition to start on.  Imagine T-shirts, Badges, … Continue reading Rock Sound Competition – Win £3,300 worth of gear!

EÖ Presents 》’Dare Devil’ Nuno!

"There’s no limit to what you can do. You just got to believe'' - Nuno  “Absolutely amazing!”, “The human body is crazy!” ,“Is that really possible? ”Every find yourself shouting that at the TV when you see entertainers do the craziest of things? Who doesn't ! I would like to say I'm a little dare devil because I used … Continue reading EÖ Presents 》’Dare Devil’ Nuno!