Dancing In The Moonlight by Eli Oko

She was higher than mountains, She was heavier than a thousand hearts, The moon became the light for when the the night meets the dark.

In Marriage by Eli Oko

Do your part Help my self-esteem Support me in marriage Don't laugh at my dreams Remind me to love deeper in marriage Don't touch me so deep When my word, stop, is taken seriously Don't disguise wrong Conclude You & Me as good I am not a playing field for a game of thrones You … Continue reading In Marriage by Eli Oko

Colourful Decades by Eli Oko

 He thinks he knows me  He thinks he truly understands how my mind works  How reality is from my perspective  But he will never know I cry from my heart.  The veins behind my eyes burst before they even water And the colour of my eyes change  I see red when I peer into my … Continue reading Colourful Decades by Eli Oko

And The Words Were Green by Eli Oko

And the words were green. They shattered the feelings I had, of accomplishment and pride. I no longer stood, I was crawling for the things I wanted. I had neither the best nor the worse, It was all unspoken of. I was just green and the rest was history. Not the history that goes down … Continue reading And The Words Were Green by Eli Oko